The purpose of the foundation is to support Youth for Christ / Youth Unlimited chapters in Canada & globally. This provides a donor the option of designating a gift which can be held in trust by the foundation and given to the ministry as requested by the donor.

For example a donor in Edmonton Alberta, may wish to give a gift of $100,000 to the Edmonton YFC Chapter but wants the gift to be spread out over a 10 year period. There is a discussion with the donor concerning the gift and an agreement by the foundation before accepting the gift. If accepted, the gift is held in trust and monies distributed according to the wishes of the donor to that chapter.

There is also an option of a donation from one donor that can be distributed to several different YFC chapters in Canada or globally.

If you are interested in speaking with a Youth For Christ Canada Foundation representative for a confidential conversation, please contact Gary MacDonald. or call 1.800.899.9322 Ext 210